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Car Hire Cagliari Airport (CAG) cheap and low cost car hire

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Top Things To Do In Cagliari

Most visitors to the Italian island of Sardinia arrive by aeroplane at the Cagliari-Elmas International Airport which is not far from the city centre itself. There are public transport services that will get you into Cagliari eventually, but many holidaymakers prefer to opt for car rental. There are plenty of car hire operators to choose from at the airport but for the best deals, and to ensure you are able to locate the right sort of vehicle, it is best to book in advance. Use a broking agency, such as, who can help you navigate through the various deals and options so that you have complete peace of mind. Remember to mention any options that you will need, such as child seats or air conditioning. Once you have found your perfect vehicle, take the SS 130 highway into the city centre of the historic city. 

Cagliari is a port city at the southern side of Sardinia with architecture that dates back to ancient times, showing the influence of both the Romans and Phoenicians. You can also view many examples of mediaeval fortifications as the city came under the control of various forces, including the Republic of Genoa and the Kingdom of Aragon. A good place to start exploring the city is to park in the old town and head out by foot to the Castello, which lies on top of the hill. From there make your way to Constitution Square and its famous covered walkway. There are a number of notable churches in the area worth looking at including the 5th century Basilica of San Saturnino. 

With a reputation of one of the greenest cities in all of Italy, don’t overlook Cagliari’s parks. Monte Urpinu Park is a particularly interesting one which is mostly devoted to woodland including wild olive trees. For beach lovers, head to Poetto which is an eight kilometre strip of sandy shoreline that is ever popular. 

Once you have seen Cagliari, it is time to drive elsewhere in the island. The Neptune caves of Alghero are well worth a visit, offering stunning views of the coast. You can reach them via a 600 step staircase or by the more convenient ferry boat. With some of the prettiest beaches around, Carloforte should not be missed. The traditional Sardinian town lies on its own small island to the south west of Cagliari. If you are looking for a lively nightlife, try Sassari, in the north, which has plenty of bars and discos.

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