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France is a beautiful and diverse country just waiting to be discovered. Everything from the food to the art is full of culture and sophistication. If you have ever wanted to see the Parisian skyline or the coast of Nice, then now is your chance to go! Why not start practicing your French? We have a feeling that you will be sipping the best Bordeaux and eating duck confit very soon. Just think of all the chateaux you can visit! Do not even get us started on the shopping! France is the best destination by far for somebody who loves the finer things in life.

Visit the Best French Cities
Of course, no trip to France is complete without a visit to Paris. However, there is so much to see! You should also try to see Lille, Montpelier, Bordeaux, Tours, Nice, Marseilles, and even Strasbourg! There are so many cultural influences throughout the country that it would be a shame not to see an example of each. For example, Strasbourg is heavily German. Basque country is incredible and very Spanish. However, the Cote d'Azure has a distinct Italian feeling- especially around Menton.

The Best Way to Travel: Car!
The best way to see the country will be by car. You can go where you want whenever you want. For example, the best way to see the chateaux of the Loire Valley is by car. You can visit Chambord, Villandry, and Chenonceau all in one afternoon! The Cote d'Azur is also a great place to use the car. You will be able to drive from little seaside village to the next. You will be able to drive the famous cliff side routes that dot the coast. If you ever wanted to taste a great wine straight from the vineyard, then you must go to the Dordogne region. It is full of amazing vineyards that are arguably the best in France. The scenic little towns along the Dordogne River look like they belong in a fairy tale. What are you waiting for? Book your ticket to France and car today!

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